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Hydrotex fabric inks are a range of water-based products suitable for printing most commonly used natural and synthetic materials. With a range of inks and colours to choose from to suit your specific purposes.

Hydrotex Standard Colours
Are formulated for use on light coloured fabrics and available in 22 bright and vibrant colours.

Hydrotex Fluorescent Colours
Exceptionally brilliant shades achieved with very fine fluorescent pigments that allow high strength colours without causing a stiff feel to the print.

Hy-Cover TM Colours
This is a range of highly pigmented colours designed to give bright opaque prints on dark fabrics while retaining a soft feel and excellent stretch properties.

Hy-Puff TM Colours
These inks rise when heated and can be used to give depth and a 3-dimensional effect to printed images.

Hydrotech Plastisols
Hydrotech Plastisol Ink is recommended for printing on light, medium and dark coloured cotton or cotton/polyester blended fabrics. Hydrotech Plastisol has features such as easy printability both on manual and automatic equipment, a creamy consistency and excellent screen release.

Fast Flash White can be used as an under print to control the bleed of polyester fabrics. Its flash time is 2-3 seconds at 450-500 o C. When used as an under print Hydrotech Plastisol Flash White does not require a cooling stage and over printing can be done straight after the flash cure.


Note that colours shown on screen can vary greatly to true ink colours.

    Yellow G - 020 P     Purple - 050     Bright Green - 090
    Lemon Yellow - 021     Violet - 051 P C     Emerald - 091 P C
    Mid Yellow - 022     Navy - 060 P     Brown - 110
    Orange -030     Ultra Blue - 061     Black - 111
    Brilliant Red - 040     Reflex Blue - 062 P C     Fluoro Yellow - F10 C
    Mid Red - 041 P C     Mid Blue - 070     Fluoro Orange - F20 C
    Carmine - 042 P     Basic Blue - 071 P C     Fluoro Red - F30 P C
    Rhodamine - 043 P C     Light Blue - 080     Fluoro Pink - F40 C
    Fluoro Magenta - F50 P C     Fluoro Violet - F60 P C     Fluoro Blue - F70 P C
    Fluoro Green - F80 C     Metallic Silver - 101 P     Metallic Gold - 102 P
P = Not available in Hy-Puff    C = Not available in Hy-Cover

Recommendations for Hydrotex Products

Mesh: For both standard and fluorescent colours, monofilament mesh in the range of 43T to 48T metric (110T to 120T U.S. ) is recommended. To achieve the best results with Hy-Cover and Hy-Puff inks, a coarser monofilament screen around 32T metric (80T U.S. ) is required.

Stencil: All Hydrotex products should be heat-cured for approximately 150 o C/300 o C for 3 minutes. Fabrics that cannot withstand this temperature should be treated at lower temperatures for a longer duration. Hy-Puff prints must be treated with more care as excess curing will cause the raise effect to be reduced.

Clean Up: All Hydrotex products are water based and equipment is easily cleaned with water. Ink should not be allowed to dry in screens as clogging and staining can result.


HT Colour Concentrates
Added to print pastes, this offers a diversity of colour and end-user flexibility. Hydrotex colour concentrates are a highly concentrated blend of pigments in a liquid form that provide full strength, vibrant colours that are economical to use.

HT Retarder
Added to Hydrotech Printing medium, it retards drying time of the ink, therefore, eliminating clogged screens and providing an easier release of the screen from the print.

HT Fabric Softener
An additive that provides a softer feel to the final cured print.

HT Synthetic Fixer
A unique product whose addition to Hydrotech Printing Colours imparts excellent adhesion over many synthetics .

HT Cold Cure Additive
Has the ability to cure your prints without the need for heat fixing and allows unequalled adhesion to most fabrics including difficult synthetics.

HT Table Adhesive
This eliminates movement of fabric while printing.

HT Binder
This is used when print-haze is apparent or prints wash out due to excessive tinter used or when extra adhesion is needed in the final product.

HT Extender
This is used when extra print penetration is required on fabrics such as terry towels or fleecy poly/cottons .

HT Thickener
This is a solution for problems when prints exhibit bleeding or hazing.


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