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Prints on t-shirts or fleece goods of any colour.

Produces extremely thick sharp-edged, three-dimensional prints.


The use of additives or reducers is not generally recommended with this ink.

Use 60-110t monofilament polyester mesh. For best results the mesh should be tensioned to t least 24 newtons per centimetre.

To achieve the desired three-dimensional effect this ink must be printed through stencils that are at least 200-700 microns thick.

Product Description
Hi-Square ink, when printed correctly, will produce a print with an extraordinarily thick ink layer that retains sharp edges and crisp, highly detailed definition, even after curing. Hi-Square colours are based on the standard Mixopake colours so they will produce very close colour matches when used with the Mixopake formulas. This is not a puff ink.

For optimum results his ink must be used in combination with a correctly prepared screen and carefully adjusted printing techniques.

Always test this product for curing, adhesion, crocking, opacity, washability, reflectivity and other requirements in your specific application before using in production.


Note that colours shown on screen can vary to true ink colours.

Blue G/S Blue R/S
Cerise Green
Magenta Red B/S
Red Y/S Violet
Yellow G/S Yellow R/S


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