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Dark garments

Direct printing

100% cotton or cotton/ polyester

Very high opacity

Easy to print

Low-bleed formulations

PLUS-9000 Reducer/ Detackifier

PLUS-9090 Extender Base

Coarse meshes such as 62-85 monofilament polyester tensioned to manufacture's specifications.

Use any direct emulsion or capillary film compatible with plastisol inks.

Product Description
Maxopake Inks are the most opaque plastisol colours available. Even the neon colours are bright and highly opaque. Maxopake inks are recommended for direct manual or machine printing on black and dark coloured garments. When printing on whites and light-cooled fabrics we recommend adding Extender Base for economy.

High opacity inks may crock. Red pigmented inks are especially subject to this problem. To control or reduce crocking, add Extender Base (PLUS-9090). Always test this product for curing, adhesion, crocking, opacity, washability and other specific requirements before using in production.


Note that colours shown on screen can vary to true ink colours.

Aqua Marine Brite Blue
Brite Green Brite Red
Chrome Yellow Flag Red
Golden Yellow Kelly Green
Lime Green Magenta
Orange Process Blue
Purple Royal Blue
Scarlet Red Blue R/S
Cerise Green
Magenta Red B/S
Red Y/S Violet
Yellow G/S Yellow R/S


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