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Frames, Restretching, Screen Cleaning & Stencilling

Screen Mesh & Restretching Service

Australian Screen Printing Supplies carry in stock all mesh counts to suit all screen printing requirements. From screen printing on to textiles right through to industrial screen printing. 43T right up to 165T available in both white and amber.

ASPS can stretch your frames with new mesh. All Frames are glued - not stapled.

Frames & Stock Frames

Frames are available in both Wood and Aluminium. Wooden frames are available in a variety of sizes. All Aluminium frames are made to order and all frames are stretched to your mesh requirement.

We have as standard stock Wooden and Aluminium frames ready to use. These are available in three sizes and are pre-stretched with 43T mesh.

Wooden Frames Sizes Aluminium Frame Sizes

300mm x 400mm
300mm x 500mm
400mm x 500mm
450mm x 500mm

500mm x 600mm
800mm x 590mm

Screens can also me made to order with many frames sizes available. The above sizes can also be stretched with your choice of mesh count. (From within our mesh range.)

Screen Cleaning & Stencilling Service

ASPS also offer a screen cleaning and stencilling service. You supply us with your design or artwork and we will coat your screen with photo-sensitive emulsion, expose, wash out and mask off. All ready for you to go to print.

Reclaim (Cleaning): Removal of old stencil, dehaze old ink images from mesh.

Stencilling Service: Recoat with new emulsion (universal), exposed ready for printing, with supplied artwork.


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